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Our Vision

As the world leader in covering bulk commodities travelling by rail, we provide our customers with innovative solutions and strive to continually exceed our service commitments.

Ecofab Company History

Ecofab was founded in 1975. Our first product was a fiberglass cover that would increase the cubic capacity of woodchip cars used in Canada’s pulp industry. Several years of prototype studies were undertaken to evaluate the design and performance of various designs of covers. Following this, several hundred covers were produced and put into service. The performance of these early prototypes clearly demonstrated that rigid covers would allow our customers to enjoy significant cost savings through increased carrying capacity, decreased payload losses, and lower handling costs. Since then, Ecofab has developed a wide range of expertise in designing, manufacturing, handling, and servicing covers to meet the needs of a wide range of industries.

Ecofab Today

Today, Ecofab offers much more than just covers. We are a full service railroad contractor, protecting concentrates or commodities in transit. We offer a complete package of cover leasing, maintenance, removal and replacement services, safety and fleet management solutions.

Product innovation has always played an important role at Ecofab. We continually make improvements to all aspects of our service, including new cover designs, upgraded locking mechanisms, more sophisticated reporting systems, improved safety programs, and more efficient production methods. Since 1975 Ecofab has been the prime innovator and responsible for the majority of advancements in cover design, locking mechanisms, handling and safety systems in use today.

Ecofab covers currently operate in North America, South America and Australia, travelling millions of safe miles each month.