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Maintenance Program

Preventative Maintenance

Ecofab provides a complete preventative maintenance program as part of its full service package. An effective maintenance program increases overall safety, reliability, and maximizes cover utilization. Covers are inspected regularly for damage or excessive wear, and all repairs are done by fully trained Ecofab employees.

Service Depots

Our service depots are strategically located at key cover destinations such as ports, smelters, or rail yards. Service depots are located adjacent to the rail line so that covers can be inspected, removed, replaced and repaired without taking a railcar out of service.

Handling Systems

There are a variety of handling systems which can be used to efficiently open and close or install and remove Ecofab covers. With almost 40 years of experience in cover handling system, we work closely with each of our customers to recommend a system which meets their requirements.

Fleet Management

Knowing the condition of all covers in a fleet is critical for achieving maximum utilization. Ecofab has developed computer based tracking systems which allows our operations staff to closely monitor the status of each customer’s cover fleet. This system provides a historical record for each cover, including a full maintenance history, equipment specifications, and a log of cover usage.